Upcoming Events

Monday 8th November at 7.30

For the first time ever, the Club will be staging a De Groot session, which will start with a talk by Club member Peter Hegarty, who is a Professor of Psychology at the Open University. Peter has studied the work of Adriaan De Groot, Professor of Psychology at Amsterdam University, who wrote the seminal book ‘Thought and Choice in Chess’, first published in 1946.  After Peter’s talk, Seb Galer will oversee a session in which several players of different playing strengths will be asked to view several positions for the first time and to speak their thoughts out loud, so the audience can observe any differences in how the players view the positions.

Monday 6th December at 7.15 (Please note the earlier start time)

We are delighted to announce that Grandmaster Danny King will be giving a one hour talk at the Club, about the ongoing World Championship match between defending Champion Magnus Carlsen and his Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, as it reaches the half-way stage.  All Club members are invited to attend this interesting event and to hear Danny King, who is one of the top chess commentators in the World, provide us with a review of the match so far.

Monday 20th December at 7.30

The Club will be staging it’s traditional festive event, which is a ‘Chess Variants’ evening which will be run by Trevor Jones. This usually sees about 7 rounds played, in which a different variant of Chess, is played in each round.  It’s guaranteed to be a fun evening, so all Club members are urged to attend.

Monday 17th January 2022 at 7.30

We plan to run a ‘Pairs’ event in which strong players will be paired up with weaker players, who will then play alternate moves without consultation. Each pair will be allocated to a group of four pairs, who will play a mini all-play-all with 3 rounds. The clocks will be set to 15 minutes with 10 second increments.  During the game, each pair may at any time call for one ‘1-minute time out’, when the clock is stopped and that pair remain at the board and discuss the position, with the other pair having left the board so they cannot over-hear what is said.   At the end of the one minute, the players resume their seats and play continues.  The stronger player in each pair will be expected to keep a record of the game, so that a 10-15 minute post-mortem can take place after the game, which should help the weaker players to learn from these games. Thus each round should last about one hour in total.  Anyone interested in participating in this event should either complete the registration form which will be found on display at the Club, or should contact Nigel White to register their interest.

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